It would seem that a fur coat in the style of an Aviator, what could be easier for every day? Of course, a fur coat in the style of a Pilot, Aviator is a win-win option if you travel by car and have 1000 tasks per day. In the basic collection of the ICONIC CODE brand there are AVIATOR fur coat models for every day — in gray and milky colors. But those who like something more interesting are waiting for the AVIATOR fur coat in a luxury version. Here we will tell about it.

The AVIATOR fur coat was originally thought out for convenience. The fur coat has an oversized silhouette, which is very convenient if you like to wear voluminous sweaters or cardigans underneath. Moreover, the fur coat does not look like a voluminous shapeless bag due to the well-thought-out silhouette. The fur coat has a lowered sleeve, so even without gloves you will not freeze in it. And most importantly, the fur coat is elongated, i.e. the lower back is covered, so in this fur coat you are as comfortable as possible.

The color is a nice pink color, a muted shade so that you can combine the fur coat with things from your everyday wardrobe. Fur — under a natural mink, it is so pleasant to the touch that you will not want to part with a fur coat.

The fur coat has decorative elements, suede inserts from soft Italian suede of a smoky shade. The texture of eco-suede is velvety, which is very harmoniously combined with the color and texture of the fur. Suede inserts are made around the sleeves, pockets and along the zipper. In terms of practicality, suede inserts in the area of ​​​​zippers allow you to freely fasten the zipper and not worry that the fur will get stuck in the teeth. After all, everything is thought out to the smallest detail!

The lining of the fur coat is made of 100% silk, the pattern is abstract and the shades overlap with fur and inserts. Of course, the decorative edging from the side of the lining is like a cherry on the cake :).

The fur coat is insulated to minus 15. Moreover, it makes no sense to make such a model warmer, because it is still a variant of a car lady.


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