POV: I think you’re asking the wrong question

Sometimes you look at yourself and think: with such an appearance … Why can you love me?

I will answer: for the absurd character, gentle voice and charming look. For your uniqueness! Maybe you just didn’t open it? It is not difficult to do this. I give you my secret!

As Exupery wrote: «Perfection is achieved when nothing can be taken away.» For me, this means that everyone can transform! And instead of eternal dissatisfaction with yourself, feel harmony, revealing the unique beauty. After all, we have it from the very beginning and cannot be taken away. You can only abandon, forget that it is beautiful. No need!

How to be perfect

I advise you to work on the shortcomings. If you don’t like cellulite, get a massage. Learn to do it yourself, little by little, and in the end you will succeed. Cans, a brush, and a rug with needles will help here. You can also connect turpentine baths (I wrote about them in May). All these funds are available — they cost about 1000 rubles, and many — less. Check it out!






It seems that the oval of the face swam? Let’s pull up! By removing edema, removing toxins, enhancing the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Glass jars and squalane will help. Vacuum and serum in tandem will provide a deep effect.



Dissatisfied with your breast size? Maybe it’s about posture? I covered this topic in a separate material — I talked about the roller for the back and what it does with the chest. Look for a roller on Wildberries, and an article on my blog.


P.S. On the cover of the article — Lady Gaga. Once upon a time, she also suffered because of alleged shortcomings. And then she became the new Madonna. Be like Lady Gaga — be yourself! And remember — you are simply irresistible.


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