Everyone dreams of perfect skin, but sometimes these dreams are destroyed by annoying black dots or, in other words, open comedones. They most often appear on the forehead, chin and wings of the nose due to the accumulation of dirt and sebum on the surface of the face, clog pores, forming «plugs». And if the skin tone can be evened out with foundation, then enlarged, polluted pores cannot be masked by anything. The only way out is to remove blackheads and narrow the pores.

There are several ways to deal with black dots.

— Stripes. The adhesive surface «pulls out» all impurities from the pores;
— Cleansing masks. They clean the pores and normalize the secretion of sebum;
— Tonics and lotions. Contribute to the exfoliation of dead cells of the epidermis;
— Scrubs. Peels the skin, cleans the pores from impurities. It is worth noting that this type of cleansing is not suitable for people with sensitive and prone to irritation skin, it can only aggravate the situation, spoil the appearance of the face.

The beauty industry market is full of various means. Which one is the best, and most importantly effective?

Undoubtedly, today the best remedy for black dots is the LANBENA mask, which is loved by many. It combines the benefits of all pore pollution products. This is a highly effective remedy for acne and black spots based on hyaluronic acid and natural extracts and extracts. The mask comes with cleansing strips, so the quality of the blackhead removal procedure is significantly improved.

The advantages of LANBENA are that it:

— draws out dirt from the pores;
— kills dead cells;
— moisturizes and refreshes the skin;
— has a calming effect;
— tones the face and stimulates tissue regeneration;
— relieves inflammation and irritation;
— has an economical consumption, enough for more than 40 procedures.

How to use the product:

— clean and dry the skin well (the effect will be stronger if you pre-steam the face);
— apply a small amount of the mask on the area of ​​the face with black dots, distribute in a thin layer;
— until the composition is dry, apply the strips, gently press down and slightly smooth;
— wait for complete drying and activation of the drug for 10-15 minutes;
— gently remove the sticker from the face, moving from the edges to the center, and rinse off the remaining product with water or toner.

The LANBENA mask can rightly be considered the #1 remedy for blackheads due to its combination of effectiveness, ease of use and natural composition. Try this wonderful mask for real. You will notice results immediately after the first treatment.


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