Similar models in the photo, but the price is different: why pay more?

What are these new unknown names in product descriptions — singing, compact singing?

Let’s figure it out.

Take for example the same sweatshirts. Let’s analyze the main difference — the material.

There are several types of knitted weave. Length basic threads can be different, which greatly affects the quality of the fabric. Matter from short threads is called «Open end». The quality of this fabric is not high, it quickly wears out, gets damaged. From threads of medium length, a fabric is made called «carde»from long — footer «singing». The last material is of the highest quality. What is the difference between footer compact singing and just singing?!

Compact singing often referred to as Extra Singing or Super Singing, as yarn is subjected to additional processing — remove fluff from the surface and the threads due to this become smoother. This gives the canvas a silky smoothness and shine, the very gloss appears, which distinguishes the luxury from the budget segment.

And so this material has the following advantages:

1. Does not roll

2. Has a luxury gloss

3. Does not lose color

4. Looks expensive

And also a footer of quality compact song and special diagonal weave (more expensive than looped) also makes it possible to make the edges of the product open without shedding and loss of quality, as on our fashionable dresses, the article of which is presented below!

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