Why the main thing in choosing curtains is not the price. And what is important then?

You can buy curtains for several hundred thousand rubles, and they will look bad in the interior. And you can buy for several thousand rubles — and they will ennoble the interior. What is important in choosing curtains?

Both expensive and budget curtains can look equally impressive in the interior. Not the price plays a role, but the right approach when choosing decor for windows. We share life hacks: where to start choosing and how to calculate the ideal size for your windows.

Rule number 1: curtains must be made of quality fabric

For the living room, kitchen or workspace, choose curtains made of acrylic fabrics — they will organically fit into the design, they are easy to care for and they are modern.

For the bedroom and children’s room, opt for silk, linen, cotton. These fabrics create a homely cozy atmosphere. Yes, you need to take into account that you will have to pay more attention to caring for such curtains and they will cost an order of magnitude more expensive than acrylic ones, but you won’t have to change them every year in accordance with fashion trends. Natural fabrics are always in trend.

Rule number 2: curtains should harmoniously complement the overall style of the room

Agree that luxurious curtains with pleats and lambrequins are absolutely not suitable for decorating windows in a minimalist living room. Or just imagine how silly soft pink flowered curtains in the traditional “Country” style will look. Obviously, when choosing curtains, it is imperative to pay attention to whether they will harmoniously fit into the interior.

Rule number 3: the color of the curtains should please all family members

To decide on a color scheme, you can contact an interior designer or independently find a color scheme to your liking on Pinterest or any other sources. The main thing is that the room should look in the same style and please the whole family. If you cannot reach an agreement with the tenants, then call for help white, gray and beige — these are universal color schemes.

Also be sure to pay attention to:

— Place of residence (southern or northern region): if you live where the sun is maximum

3 months a year, then warm colors and their shades are yours. They compensate for the lack of sunlight and warm the interior.

If you are a happy homeowner in sunny lands, then use cold tones. Coolness during the heat is guaranteed!

Rule number 4: it is important to choose the right size

We arm ourselves with a tape measure, because it is very important to correctly calculate the length and width of the curtains. After all, spending a lot of time and money on the search, you can not get the desired result. If the curtains do not hold out somewhere, there are few assemblies, then this will immediately catch your eye. It’s like a badly tailored jacket that is 1 size too small.

To avoid any incidents, remember that in order to determine the length of the curtains, you must: measure the distance from the eaves to the expected position of the curtains below.

Cheat sheet for curtain length standards:

— Curtains with an indent (standard) — 5-6 cm from the floor.

— Curtains to the floor — 1-1.5 cm from the floor.

— Curtains lying on the floor (long) — 10-30 cm from the floor.

— Curtains to the windowsill (short) — 1.5 — 2 cm

The width of the curtains is also very important. It should be sufficient so that the curtains can drape beautifully.

Remember the simple formula:

Eaves length * assembly factor = web width.

We recommend the minimum ratio:

For a small assembly — 1: 2.

For a beautiful, embossed assembly — 1:2.5 or 1:3.

However, if you make some mistakes when choosing curtains, this can lead to an unexpectedly good result. But let’s be honest — this is extremely rare.

Therefore, if it seems that your design skills can fail, then it is better to follow our recommendations. We are always happy to help you in choosing the curtains of your dreams!


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