What is Cosmolac Rubber Base? And why is it indispensable when performing a manicure.

The base is the basis of the foundations of the three-phase system of gel polishes.

All Cosmolac bases can be divided into two categories: rubber and silicone.

Our range of rubber bases includes:

  • main transparent rubber base
  • a large palette of camouflage bases

We talked about camouflage bases separately and in more detail on our channel. Today we will focus on the transparent base, since it is the main one.

Crystal-clear base coat Rubber base Cosmolac protects the natural nail, smoothes the nail plate, prepares for the use of color coatings and design materials.

This is the most versatile product in the Cosmolac range, which is used to improve adhesion not only in the three-phase gel polish system, but also in nail modeling.

The base is produced in three volumes: 7.5 ml, 14 ml, 30 ml.

The Rubber base has a medium hardness and is ideal for smoothing nails and the initial overlap of volumetric designs, sliders, stickers.

Thanks to its liquid consistency, it creates the most natural manicures. The Rubber base does not have a strong smell, which is definitely a plus for both the client and the master.


We prepare nails for coating: we make the perfect manicure, remove the natural gloss with a buff, treat the nail with a degreaser and primer.

Then we apply a small amount of the base in a thin layer with trampling movements with a small indent from the cuticle (about 0.5 mm) and dry in an LED lamp for 30 seconds. / in UV lamp 120 sec.

In order to make the alignment of the nail plate, it is necessary to put a small drop of material, retreating from the cuticle 0.5 mm and evenly distribute the material with a brush, first to the sides, bringing it closer to the cuticle, and then stretching it to the free edge of the nail, nullifying the thickness of the material. Cure in LED lamp for 30 seconds or UV lamp for 120 seconds.

Next, proceed to the color coating and design.

ATTENTION: the polymerization reaction is very fast, so LED and UV lamps may cause a burning sensation. If the client felt an unpleasant heat, it is allowed to stop polymerization for 5-7 seconds and be sure to continue drying until the end of the recommended time.


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