For most people, sex toys are associated with the classic vibrator, which makes women moan with a vibrating motor. However, the rumor about new magical toys that bring air to orgasm in 1-3 minutes is pushing many women to experiment.

🤷‍♀️ So what is vacuum wave clitoral stimulation?

This is a non-contact clitoral stimulation technology that combines vacuum stimulation and wave pulsation. This technology is able to bring a girl to a clitoral orgasm in 1-3 minutes.

😋 How does the girl feel?

It’s like some magician is sucking and releasing the clitoris quickly, quickly. Orgasm is inevitable.

The first toys with vacuum wave stimulation were from the Satisfyer brand. They appeared about 5 years ago and made happy even women who had never finished before.

Then such toys appeared in almost every manufacturer, who tried to make them even more perfect and more budgetary.

If you haven’t tried this miracle stimulation yet, don’t delay. This is unbelievably cool🥰


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