Wicker storage baskets have been used for many years. They are a wonderful decorative element and at the same time extremely practical. A wicker basket is suitable for any type of interior — it will complement the character of a loft style, boho or ethno style. A wicker basket can also be used as a decorative element of a Scandinavian-style apartment, which will add warmth and comfort to the interior. Whatever the type of your apartment, wicker baskets are a subtle, nature-related accessory that will fit in any room and add charm to the interior.

A wicker basket made of wicker or a basket made of bamboo are functional and at the same time extremely fashionable decorative elements. The rack storage basket is useful in the bedroom, living room, nursery, bathroom or kitchen. The storage basket can be used for a variety of purposes in any room of the home. These stylish organizers can be used to store things, toys, linen, towels, cosmetics and household items. Wherever you put a wicker basket, it will be a wonderful home decoration.

Baskets are stylish and go well with other elements of the arrangement. Bamboo wicker baskets are ideal for kitchens, balconies, hallways or gardens. In turn, a willow basket is a good solution for a bedroom, a hall, a nursery, a living room, as well as for rooms designed in an idyllic, Provencal atmosphere. A wicker basket in natural wood or beige color is perfect for bathrooms, bringing an accent of cleanliness and freshness to the interior.

Wicker baskets — what to use

Wicker baskets are a versatile home organization and storage element that can be used in a variety of ways. They will look good in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom, but can be especially useful in a child’s room, making it easier to store toys and keep things organized.

Bathroom basket

A small wicker basket will replace the classic storage organizer or plastic container for accessories in the bathroom. They can be used for morning toilet items, such as a makeup remover kit or cotton swabs. The basket can be used as an organizer for storing cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, towels or, finally, toilet paper. This is an easy way to neatly organize a space.

Wicker wicker products will facilitate the organization of the bathroom, turning it into a place of everyday relaxation.

Shelving basket for open shelves and racks

If you like everything in its place, a shelving basket will help organize the storage of things on open shelves and racks. Equipping the cabinet with shelving baskets will provide comfort and convenience for storing your favorite things.

To store a blanket and pillows in the bedroom or living room

Baskets, pillows and blankets are an addition to the living room, giving it coziness and allowing you to relax comfortably. However, when you do not need a blanket at the moment, it often takes up space on the sofa unnecessarily. A wicker basket located in the living room will serve as a place to store textiles and keep order.

A wicker basket can be an organizer and decorative element in the bedroom, on which you can put a flower arrangement, a jar with a candle or incense sticks.

To store toys in the children’s room

If the ever-scattered toys in a child’s room are driving you crazy, use a wicker basket to tame the clutter. Indulge in colorful madness — let flowers, teddy bears or airplanes grow in a basket.

For fruit in the kitchen

Baskets can also be used in the kitchen. Placed on the countertop or in the kitchen shelving, they become a fashionable decoration and a place for fruits, spices, kitchen utensils.

In the pantry for storing vegetables or jam

It is not for nothing that wicker baskets have been consistently popular for many years. This addition gives the interior the desired character and helps to organize the home space. Use storage baskets in your pantry or cellar.

Wicker basket for dough proofing

One really useful culinary tool for baking bread is proofing baskets. A wicker proofing basket can significantly affect the quality and taste of baked bread. Thanks to the basket made of natural vine, the dough after the rising stage, transferred to the baking sheet, keeps its shape and does not spread to the sides. The proofing basket also influences the structure of pastries and crusts. The bread does not break on the side and does not crumble when cutting.

Wicker bread box

The natural materials from which the baskets are woven do not have a negative effect on the products, which will keep the bread fresh longer. Wicker bread bins will allow you to enjoy fresh and fragrant bread and pastries longer.

For hobbies and needlework

For those who draw or knit, the basket will become indispensable for storing accessories and small things for a hobby.

Wicker basket as a gift

Do you want to express gratitude? A wicker basket comes to the rescue again, thanks to which you can interestingly pack gifts for various occasions — birthday, name day, wedding, anniversary, March 8 or New Year. A wicker basket filled with sweets, fruit, coffee, tea or homemade jam is a great gift idea for loved ones. Having completed their main task, the recipient can use the basket to decorate their home, placing inside it, for example, a flower pot or dried flowers.

Round wicker basket made of bamboo with handles and a cover with strings 22*22*10 cm

The catalog of the Rusbox store presents a small wicker basket that is suitable for storing fruits, vegetables, sweets or pastries.

The basket is made of natural bamboo. Inside is a comfortable olive-coloured cotton cover with London print, which can be removed and washed when needed.

Willow wicker basket with decorative removable cover 30*20*10 cm

A storage basket should not only be practical, but also decorate the interior in itself. In the Rusbox store you can buy a basket made of natural willow vines with dimensions 30*20*10. The basket is succinctly emphasized by a cozy pink and white cover with an elastic band and a decorative plush heart, which emphasizes special attention and reflects a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the interior.

The basket pleases with environmentally friendly materials and a special handmade atmosphere with high quality weaving from natural willow wicker, which, combined with its multifunctional capabilities, guarantees to become a favorite in everyday life.

At first glance, the attention of the basket is attracted by the natural origin of the materials, the warmth of the master’s hands and the expressive weaving of willow twigs, which unconditionally complements the basket with lightness and airiness. The impression of home comfort and hospitality is determined by handmade from eco-materials, then it is enhanced by the exclusive checkered cotton cover, “sweet home” lettering and a soft powder pink heart.

Willow wicker baskets from Rusbox store attract attention with exceptional environmental friendliness, impeccable style and maximum versatility.

To purchase a wicker basket, go to the Rusbox store catalog.


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