Wicker baskets, what is it? Simplicity or exquisite taste? Let’s find out together?

Wicker products have been famous since ancient times! But this does not mean that they are not relevant now!

On the contrary, manual labor is gaining more and more popularity and recognition! People are tired of artificial containers, plastic and other non-natural materials. And we just want to surround ourselves with cozy home things that bear the imprint of the human soul.

This is how we position our baskets! Homemade, cozy, with human warmth and made with love for every loop.

The simple design of CrochetDecor’s knitted baskets will suit absolutely any interior. And for a complex loaded space and for a simple environment! In one case, our baskets will soften the design and add lightness and comfort, in the other case, they will emphasize the simplicity and conciseness of the interior!

Let’s take a look at the following question:

-Where and how can wicker knitted baskets be used?

In fact, there are a lot of options and they are limited only by your imagination!

— The basket can stand in the hallway and store sponges and shoe polish, or it can be used as a key holder or an organizer for small things in the hallway.

— In the living room, a cozy wicker basket will take its rightful place on a chest of drawers or a coffee table. It can store remotes from the TV and air conditioners, as well as chargers.

-In the bedroom, the basket can be used as a cosmetic bag, a jewelry box or an organizer for creams on the bedside table!

But the most common use case is the bathroom! Storage of combs, jars and bottles is always the most relevant use case. If your bathroom has shelves, sort small items into baskets. And your bathroom will sparkle with new colors!

In a word, thanks to cozy and so homely storage baskets you will get rid of the «visual noise»! And instead of the usual plastic containers, your eyes will be pleased with a handmade basket made of natural materials.

And this is another important factor by which our wicker baskets are chosen. COMPOUND!!! Combination of 100% cotton and wooden bottom! Eco-friendly, stylish and cozy at the same time! To verify this, you can enter the name of our brand — «CrochetDecor» into the search engine and get acquainted with our assortment of baskets! We are sure that you will find your basket, which will suit your taste and fit exactly into your interior.

Surround yourself with cozy things that exude warmth, care and love!


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