New Year has always been considered the most wonderful and magical holiday! On this holiday, everyone believes in a fairy tale, dreams that a miracle will happen and the most cherished desires will come true! Symbolic of the New Year holiday is a Christmas tree decorated with toys, a festive table with champagne, and, of course, New Year’s gifts beautifully packaged and hidden under the Christmas tree.

It is necessary to choose gifts for the New Year wholeheartedly, reverently and very carefully. The upcoming New Year is the year of the White Metal Ox, which promises to be calmer than the outgoing one.

Since the Bull, the owner of 2021, is an animal that appreciates practicality and comfort, gifts should be really useful, practical and durable, reminding the giver for as long as possible. Such a wonderful New Year’s gift can be a wonderful set of bedding that will last more than one year.

How you want to find an inexpensive, practical and symbolic New Year’s present, because each of us has many friends, relatives, acquaintances and colleagues, most of whom want to please with a gift, please and make something pleasant. So you want not to give sweets, postcards and souvenirs that are boring to everyone, but what to choose?

And again comes to your aid NSD Nesaden. After looking through the catalog of our products, you will be able to choose an original gift for the New Year: a delightful set of bedding in the right color and design, this original New Year’s gift will be special for those to whom you intended it!

Bed linen «Stella» made of twill-satin, with a density of 115 g/sq.m, which is gaining more and more popularity. Satin twill, or simply twill, is a cotton fabric characterized by a twill weave. In its structure, twill resembles traditional satin, but has some differences in weaving. Unpretentiousness in leaving, excellent hygienic properties, availability, effective appearance and comfort.

Bed linen «Pleasure» made of cotton poplin fabric, density 110g/sq.m., imported, on which bright and modern designs with 3D effect are applied. Due to the properties of poplin, the bedding set retains its shape and color well, is soft and pleasant to the touch, meets all European environmental standards and does not require special care, but is simply washed in a washing machine at a temperature of 30 degrees. The set itself is in a beautiful gift box and original design.

Bed linen «Miroslava» made of stripe satin with a density of 125 g/sq.m, which is in great demand. Due to the high-quality structure and nobility of the fabric, it can be classified as elite. Stripe satin has the inherent sheen of satin and beautiful stripes. Stripe is a word of English origin and translates as stripe. Jacquard weaving provides for alternating stripes, the threads in which are dyed in different colors.

Corporate Christmas gifts.

In any company, sooner or later, they start compiling a list of important customers, partners, and employees who need to be congratulated on the New Year. When choosing New Year’s corporate gifts, it is worth remembering some rules. Festive corporate gifts for the New Year and New Year gifts to customers must:

• Be durable (so that for a long time, looking at them, they remember you);
• Be competitive (in order to distinguish favorably with their originality from the presents presented by other partners);

Ideal corporate gifts for the New Year should be chosen according to the principle: «It will definitely come in handy and does not remind you of work!».

A wonderful set of bed linen meets all the rules in choosing a gift for employees and customers. Such a gift will be pleasant and original, delighting the recipient with its practicality.

When choosing gifts for the New Year to your customers, you should not give stationery that is boring to everyone, or banal business souvenirs. Show a little imagination, and your universal gift — a gift set of bed linen — will become a memorable present for an important partner or client of your company.


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