There are a huge variety of headphones on the market today, and it can be quite difficult for a person who is not particularly versed in technology to choose among them that are really worthy. According to the rating of the No. 1 publication in Russia about mobile technologies, CGPods 5.0 wireless headphones are currently recognized as the best model.

Surround sound and noise isolation

Sound quality is one of the most important characteristics of headphones for the user. Behind the incomprehensible words about a wide frequency range and deep bass lies comfortable listening to music, the purity of the interlocutor’s voice and a good mood. Cheap headphones tend to be very distorted and annoying, which is not the case with CGPods 5.0.

In addition, they have effective sound insulation, thanks to which no extraneous sounds will interfere. This is especially important for audiobook lovers, since headphones eliminate the need to strain your ears or rewind the listened fragment.

20 hours without socket

We are all constantly in a hurry somewhere, and often there is absolutely no time to recharge gadgets. Therefore, the autonomy of devices from the outlet is perhaps the most significant characteristic when choosing. Technology should work for us, not the other way around. And these headphones do it! They have high-capacity batteries, one charge of which provides four hours of continuous use. Then you can fully charge CGPods 5.0 from the case four times in a short time, while being anywhere.

Reliable connection

Innovative Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides reliable pairing with any device — phone, laptop, tablet, TV, game console. The connection occurs in a few seconds and is not interrupted during use. Synchronous playback of video and audio makes any pastime as comfortable as possible, whether it’s watching a movie, passing a new game or talking with an important person. The range reaches 10 meters, which greatly simplifies the usual actions.

Unique case

Case certainly deserves special attention. In addition to the fast charging function, it has a number of other advantages. The case is made of impact-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum with a wear-resistant coating and can withstand up to 100 kg. This means that neither the box itself nor the headphones in it will be damaged, even if you accidentally sit on it, drop it on the pavement or give it to a child.

The case opens with a unique swivel mechanism that eliminates the possibility of accidental opening in a bag or pocket. This saves the headphones from damage, and the user from having to look for them among other things.

The box has a small depth, so it is convenient to clean it with ordinary wet wipes. Finally, it looks stylish and technologically advanced, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and weighs very little.

Ideal for sports

Wireless headphones are extremely convenient in everyday life, because they do not hinder movement, but this is especially important for sports. Wires always interfere and annoy, reducing the effectiveness of classes. CGPods 5.0 does not have this issue.

In addition, they have silicone pads, thanks to which they are securely fixed in the ears and do not fall out even during intensive training. At the same time, these headphones are very light — each weighs only 4.9 g, so they are practically not felt.

Convenient touch control allows you to skip a track or answer a call with a light touch, without interrupting your exercise. Microphones are built into the headphones, so you do not need to take out your phone to talk.

Also a big advantage is the ability to use only one earphone, and at the same time put the second one on charge in the case.

Finally, the gadget is not only not afraid of sweat, but will also keep you company in the shower after a workout.

Hygiene and moisture resistance

CGPods 5.0 are moisture-resistant headphones that are not only resistant to rain and sweat, but also withstand closer contact with water. They can be washed under the tap and not removed while going to the shower — IPx6 protection technology will protect even from high-pressure jets. Moreover, you can not be afraid to drop them in snow, puddle or mud — this will not affect performance, and for better cleaning, you can remove the silicone pads.

Warranties and support

The manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty for the product and consulting assistance. In addition, when buying, you will be pleased with the affordable price for such a set of characteristics and profitable promotions that allow you to save a lot.

An important point is the availability of technical support: if you have any difficulties or questions regarding the use of the device, you can contact a specialized center by phone or e-mail. Experts will help you quickly solve the problem.

CGPods 5.0 wireless headphones are more than just a convenient modern gadget. This is a reliable partner that will support you in any business and bring comfort to your usual activities.


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