Throughout the ages, women have striven for the perfect figure. A beautiful silhouette has been highly valued since ancient times. Therefore, the corset as an element of women’s wardrobe has always been popular.

The range of this product is huge, it presents a variety of options that help out in certain situations, are suitable for constant wear, and also help to adjust the figure as a whole.

Many years of trust on the part of women, as well as a mass of studies, confidently prove the effectiveness of the use of this kind of underwear. Due to its ability to beautifully emphasize the lines of the silhouette and be invisible under clothes, corset underwear is used not only by the owners of magnificent forms, but also by girls with a slender figure.

But everywhere there are nuances. Corset underwear will be a great find for girls and women only with the right choice of model and size, which we will discuss below.

one. The main thing, what you need to pay attention to is the material from which the corset underwear is made, since it is directly adjacent to the skin. Poor-quality fabrics do not have sufficient hygroscopicity, do not allow the skin to «breathe», which causes discomfort during long wear. This can provoke irritation of sensitive areas and allergic reactions.

BoGa lingerie corsets are always made only from high quality fabric, whether it is a moderating Barbie corset or transparent corset mesh (Grace and silhouette). All fabrics are hypoallergenic. They freely allow the skin to breathe, which does not cause inconvenience when worn at any time of the year.

2. When choosing a seller it is worth paying attention to the presence of a product quality certificate, made according to international standards and necessarily having safety test reports for these products. After all, the wrong cut, poor-quality materials, will only aggravate your health.

BoGa corsets have a certificate of quality and safety for this type of product, as well as test reports that have confirmed that only a slender figure threatens you in our corsets!

It is not for nothing that product quality certificates issued in the territory of the «fire dragon» are not accepted by other countries, despite the high speed of production, there are no concepts of tailoring technology and safety for humans. Outwardly, it is difficult to distinguish, like made copies of Nike, VS and many others, but you can easily request information from the seller.

BoGa corsets are produced exclusively in Russia and only by experienced craftsmen, in accordance with GOST and international standards.

3. corset underwear pulls the body, but should not compress. Correctly chosen size will give the desired result. In addition, if you choose a corset that is not the right size, it will simply be impossible to wear it due to an uncomfortable fit on the body when tightened.

BoGa corsets correspond to the size grid, it is necessary to focus on the waist parameters.

Slimming underwear corsets BoGa not only shape the waist, but also help improve posture. The corset fixes the back quite firmly, while not restricting movement. Wearing a corset, you can easily stand, sit, walk, work, drive a car or do other daily activities. It does not allow its owner to slouch, helps to keep the back straighter, reinforces the habit of keeping the correct posture, and in some cases relieves back pain.

A flat back, taut body shapes, a beautiful silhouette and a thin waist will help you attract the attention of others, gain self-confidence. Do not hesitate: the right choice of corset underwear will give your forms an extremely seductive and attractive look!


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