What is the uniqueness of the recently sensational wooden puzzles? Are they as good as they are made out to be? Let’s figure it out!

Wooden puzzles quickly burst into the world of board games and puzzles, they completely replaced the classic cardboard puzzles — of course, because in newfangled puzzles all the details are unique in shape and color, well, try again — pick the right one right away! You will break your head at first sight. You pour this wealth on the table (oh, what a sticky sound at the same time, mmmmmm ….. =)), the details just click on the surface — clatter, clatter, clatter … a treat for the ears, a real anti-stress. To achieve complete relaxation, psychologists advise turning on the sound of the sea, the surf, the sounds of rain, a fire, the night forest, the singing of birds — whoever likes it closer and — go ahead!

A riot of colors teases the eye, it seems just about — and kaaaaaak you will start collecting everything in minutes, but no! It’s really worth the effort, getting into a rage — sorting everything by color, tones, at least by the size of the details, I like to immediately look for figures of animals and birds, plants and fish come across, sometimes cities, continents. You find such a detail — and the show of intuition begins: it’s like a lizard, but it’s like a monitor lizard, or maybe some kind of dog in general — you google, you find, you rejoice, you become enlightened. Well, I’m such a fruit. Someone just immediately understands what kind of animal is in his hand, and where he is found in life. Beautyaaa.

There are also assembly instructions in such puzzles, on the one hand there is a color image of the assembled puzzle (by the way, it is stamped on the box, it looks very bold and expensive), on the back there is a marking with a place for each individual detail. You find, for example, a rhinoceros, aha! Here it is — next to the miracle Yudo tree, op! — And the tree has already «glued» to the rhinoceros, and they are sitting, my dears, embracing like a glove. We dance further — who is behind our tree? Fenech! Yeah, here he is, dear, and what ears, what ears! Op — and Fenech in its place. Well, and so on — the principle is easy, you just have to go into a rage. I remember the first time I allowed myself to take an hour to such an activity, but it got so involved that I woke up at twelve o’clock, and only the head and two wings were ready. I stuck to the very end — I don’t like to quit what I started halfway.

Such a thing helps me a lot with troubles at work or when my head is full of thoughts — you turn on some kind of surveyor or again, the noise of the sea, and that’s it, you fly away. It gets easier. In the process, a solution always comes. Psychologists call this clever words, they say, step back, temporarily change the focus, abstract — but whatever you want to call it, the main thing is that it really helps.

Of course, the thing is useful for children, from 5-6 years old to retirement age. If from a scientific point of view, again, then everything is simple — logical thinking develops, and this, mind you, although a hackneyed phrase, but not everyone catches the point. Logical thinking is different for everyone, because it is not innate, but acquired. That is, it is necessary to pump it so that later in life the child can analyze, compare, draw conclusions, look for cause-and-effect relationships. So that, again, he understands why he does not need such a percentage on lending, and perhaps a loan, too. To develop financial literacy, and not live paycheck to paycheck. We all want the best for our children — so there they are, the bricks — that’s where the foundation is. Logical thinking, and with it by the hand and critical. They gave, for example, the task of making an essay so that the child would understand that the aunt from the Cosmopolitan magazine is such a zoologist, although she looks beautiful, and the first option for searching in Yandex. So that our child understands that behind the proud title — a professional is worth at least 5-7 years of training + practice. And my aunt is beautiful, no doubt about it. Just not very smart. And never a zoologist. And then, God forbid, the teacher will delicately ask where this storehouse of knowledge was buried, since so many smart people bypassed it? In general, back to the bricks.

There is no point in listing the pluses further — you will dig in. I’ll be honest — the thing is really useful — because in addition to the development of the eye, memory, attention, motor skills, perseverance, concentration, etc., it also distracts the child from the phone, and we ourselves know what it is and why mom so wants her son or daughter read a book and not «that’s all.» Giving you a healthy, stress-free alternative. Again, family fun, and oops — you are no longer a warden, but a friend. And you can also collect puzzles with a friend, especially if they are so tricky.

In general, the result is this — wooden puzzles are good for both adults and children, this is a fact. Better to try once than hear a hundred times. It’s attractive that it’s useful. Both for us adults and for our children. Informative, again, fun, soothing. You can also at night, unlike gadgets. You can collect collections, buy more encyclopedias, connect grandmothers — who is good for what.

Of the latest cool ones, I like the toucan from the tropics and the Russian bear. Without this, you know, psychedelics in the style of «pull out the eye», but soft, harmonious, bright, but within the normal range. Fly to the BABY TOUCH brand and soothe your eyes)


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