What is a Yoshatoys bodyboard?

Busy board (from the English busy board, entertaining board) is a wooden board with various elements for the development of fine motor skills and thinking of the child. As a rule, tactile elements, lockable doors, wheels, valves, buttons and switches, clothing items (zippers, Velcro, buttons), laces, various sorters, rattles, light bulbs, gears, etc. are placed on the development board.

The main task of the business board is to provide the child with interesting and safe objects for independent research.

Most children from 8-10 months already begin to show a burning interest in the objects around them (switches, door handles, drawers, locks, straps). From birth, they watch their parents use these things on a daily basis, but rarely allow them to do it themselves. There are many reasons for this — from the danger of pinching the handle to banal fatigue from constantly turning off the light at the most inopportune moment. And here the interesting things collected on the board come in handy. The child is engaged for a long time and with benefit both with parents and independently.

Yoshatoys bodyboard — overkill or necessity? Does a child need a business board?

Without a doubt, you can live without a bodyboard — that’s how we grew up. However, you must have come across numerous comments: “what a pity that in our time there were no such toys” or “it’s a pity that mine have already grown …”. Such words from parents make it clear that the thing is in demand! And it is no coincidence, because, as you know, in order for the nerves to be intact, it is necessary to give the child an interesting field of activity. Our hands are not for boredom. And when a child is bored, he attracts attention to himself and does not allow him to calmly do the necessary things. Therefore, a good business board can not only entertain and develop the child’s abilities, but also make life easier for moms and dads.

What is the use of Yoshatoys bodyboard

Let’s see why we need a business board.

A good business board contributes to the development of:

  • fine and gross motor skills (this is the ability to control your body and make small movements with your fingers in order to achieve the task, this skill only begins to develop at the age of 1 year)
  • logic and cause-and-effect relationships (the baby sees what his actions lead to what results and understands what needs to be done to open the door, etc.)
  • memory (especially visual, sound and tactile — the more stimuli, the better development)
  • perseverance and concentration of attention (something that is not typical of children initially; for example, the child’s desire to open the door on the lock will force him to focus on his movements and bring the matter to the end, no matter how difficult it is)
  • perseverance in achieving the goal (if the child does not require help from you, do not interfere, give him the opportunity to do it himself — the joy of achieving the goal will strengthen his faith in his own strength and increase self-esteem)

In the process of playing with a business board, a child will gain new knowledge. Together with his parents, he learns the names of colors and shapes, the concepts of soft-hard, big-small, light-dark, long-short, many-few, etc. The abundance of objects for the study of various functions, shapes, textures and colors stimulates the rapid development of the child. Modern science has proven the benefits of tactile and visual stimuli for the development of the child’s brain. The development of fine motor skills forms neural connections in the brain, which accelerates the development of speech, memory, and logic. Playing with the board, the kid learns to independently perform certain actions again and again. Everything does not turn out smoothly and not immediately, but this only spurs the desire to learn. Thus, the child learns independence, perseverance and concentration.
The bodyboard allows you to satisfy children’s curiosity and reduce interest in real dangerous analogues, as well as give adults some time to relax. Therefore, we can safely talk about the benefits of developing boards for the nervous system of parents.

What else from Yoshatoys?

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