Like it or not, but men’s accessories are the leading commodity items in the world of gifts for real and beloved men. And at the head of this brutal top are bags, purses, belts and wallets made of genuine leather. However, natural materials have a significant impact on the final cost of the product, which even discounts or dizzying promotions cannot reduce.

Bag Marsello model 0867 – it is the best combination of quality, design and practicality. These conditions form an adequate pricing policy, which explains the high level of sales of this particular model of men’s accessory. It is made of premium eco-leather, thanks to which the bag is a tough competitor to similar bags made of 100% leather.

And immediately the question is: why is this a handbag model? Visually, model 0867 looks rich and creates the impression of a successful and self-confident person about a man, with whom you always want to speak first. After all, it is easy to guess that such a stylish image quite often attracts the enthusiastic glances of not only friends and work colleagues, but also representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

What are the advantages of this bag?

  1. Shoe pocket
  2. Spaciousness.
  3. Moisture repellent material.
  4. Wear resistance and durability.
  5. Suitable for teenagers and adult men.
  6. High quality.
  7. Ergonomic modern design.
  8. No cheap and inappropriate decorative elements.
  9. Strong and durable double zippers.
  10. Side pockets for shoes.
  11. Reinforced handles.

The adjustable and long strap (1.5 meters) is a real find for those who prefer to carry a bag over their shoulder. Not all men want to carry a bag in their hands by two handles. The wide and durable strap provides comfort and ease of movement for long distances on foot and relieves the load on the spine, which the owners of this stylish accessory could not help but notice.

From the outside it may seem that the bag does not have a large capacity. Despite this, she will fit in a large number of personal items. The streamlined shape, the absence of protruding decorative elements provides optimal conditions for storing the bag in the luggage room, in the luggage compartment of an aircraft or in the trunk of a car.

Few realize, but bag 0867 — this is not just a handbag for young people and adult men. It should be noted that in appearance it resembles a capacious bag, which significantly expands the range of application of the accessory. It can be used for:

— traveling by car, train or plane;

— training;

— walks;

— relocation;

— business trips;

— office;

— transfer of tools.

It’s hard to imagine, but the bag goes well with a sports type of clothing. Most users and athletes have focused their attention on the fact that even winter sportswear, bulky sneakers, sports nutrition and swimwear for the pool or shower are ideally placed in the bag.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the 0867 bag is the best thing that a girl can give to her man for a birthday or anniversary, who knows a lot about the world of fashion and stylish solutions to create a cool look for any occasion. Below we leave a clickable window if you are suddenly interested in this model.


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